Why Our Food = Our Politics | POV | OZY

“To keep the peace this Thanksgiving, many of us will keep that old admonition in mind: No politics at the dinner table. It’s not a bad rule. But all of us should be aware that dinner is already political.

That’s easy to see in a case like food stamps: Legislators decide to cut benefits, or to extend them, or to allow certain people to receive them. It’s harder to see, maybe, how policy can make us fat or sick, make the price of a head of broccoli more expensive than a hamburger. But the time has come to acknowledge that food policy plays a huge role in our everyday lives — from what’s on the table every day or what isn’t to the health of our kids and communities.I didn’t always think like this. When I began my career as a chef, more than 30 years ago, I shopped at the farmers market because the meat and produce there tasted better. Back then I could back my truck up into the market at Union Square and load up vegetables and fresh herbs from Guy Jones and the other early farmers. I bought local and organic, not out of concern for the environment or farmers. It was higher-quality food, period.”

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