Tuesdays with T4A: Jim Green (11/19/13)

This week, as we complete our final TechTable of 2013, we thought it would be interesting to turn our questions on our Executive Director, Jim Green. Read about why he transitioned from Democratic politics to nonpartisan nonprofit founder, and how having a kid in March has changed his perspective.

[img_testimonial img=”https://www.t4a.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Jim-Green2.jpg” author=”Jim Green”]A few years ago, I started feeling like my career suggested something I really wasn’t as a person. It’s not that I have changed or will change parties, it’s just that I’m not really partisan. And it really frustrates me that partisanship has become a major distraction from the real issues we face as a country today. Innovation doesn’t happen in political parties. I’m big on service. I feel like T4A.org is more in the civic and service sector vs political. But, of course, we do meet with many elected officials. And I think that’s very important because the private sector needs to better understand the real challenges of governing. For too long, the exchange between the public and private sector has been atrocious. I think we play a role in making it better.[/img_testimonial]

Read the full interview here.