Tuesdays with T4A: David Beitel (10/01/13)

David Beitel was our very first Convening Board member in Seattle! Learn why he studied Computer Science, what it was like to work for Expedia.com while it transformed an industry, and what citizenship means to him.

[img_testimonial author=”David Beitel” img=”https://www.t4a.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/david-beitel.jpg”]As a citizen, it is my responsibility to become educated on the issues, elect representatives whom I believe will move the local, state or federal government forward to address these issues and opportunities, and to engage myself. It is too easy to sit back and complain about how partisan politics is crippling our governments, but I am motivated to get involved, learn, educate and support those that are working to do the same.[/img_testimonial]

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