Tuesdays with T4A: Ali Partovi (10/08/13)

Ali Partovi is an angel investor, startup advisor, and serial entrepreneur. He co-founded Code.org, which is making sure every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science. Ali was also one of the first Convening Board members of T4A.org. Read about his first job, growing up in Iran, what it’s like to work with this twin brother Hadi, and his views on citizenship.

[img_testimonial author=”Ali Partovi” img=”https://www.t4a.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/ali-partovi.jpg”]I think our elected officials are too paralyzed by fear. It’s rare for any of them to step forward and be “real.” Instead of real leadership, which would entail addressing challenging issues and espousing difficult decisions (and facing threats from well-funded lobbies), too many politicians take the “safe” way out: they join the soap opera and dissolve into the pack of the party.

In reality, any politician who shows courage, takes risks, and does the right thing is usually rewarded by voters. One ray of hope is that internet-based tools, from petitions to twitter, can start giving politicians data to back this up, and hopefully as these tools improve our elected officials will gain more courage.[/img_testimonial]

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