This week in interesting reading

Tech giants get Obama’s ear on NSA.
“Tech leaders took full advantage of their White House invitation Tuesday, sidestepping a conversation on and federal acquisition for one on NSA and surveillance reform.” Attendees included Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, Microsoft Vice President Brad Smith, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston, Salesforce Chief Legal Officer Burke Norton, Zynga founder Mark Pincus, Sherpa Global co-CEO Shervin Pishevar, and LinkedIn Vice President Erika Rottenberg.

What does Civic Engagement look like in the digital age?
Great piece by our friends at Civinomics, whose mission is to improve social decision making through the collective creativity of communities. From their site: “We enable an iterative process of citizen collaboration to fix problems. This starts with 120-character-long ideas collected online or through a tablet outreach campaign. Participants develop these ideas into full-fledged proposals by linking information resources, and conducting more rigorous cost benefit analysis. Participants vote for the best proposals via personal computer or tablet. Elected representatives and other listeners adopt proposals that reach critical-mass support.”
What does Civic Engagement look like in the digital age?

Also, the mayor of Santa Cruz is inviting CEOs from Silicon Valley to come surf with her for a day. A local hotel has also offered free rooms and a cocktail party for any who take her up on her offer: Pretty cool if you ask us.

Invisible Child: Dasani’s Homeless Life.
I’m sure many of you saw this already. It’s an in-depth (15-month) look into the life of one of the 22,000 homeless children in New York City.