T4A.org To Sit Down with Rosye Cloud from Dept. of Veterans Affairs


T4A.org To Sit Down with Rosye Cloud from Dept. of Veterans Affairs

San Francisco, CA – September 16, 2014 – On Friday, T4A.org will be sitting down with Rosye Cloud, Senior Employment Advisor from Veterans Benefits Administration Office of Economic Opportunity at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The event will be co-hosted by Greg Ferenstein.

The goal of the TechTable will be to discuss two specific issues. The first is a new initiative called the Accelerated Learning Competition, a $10 million competition “to identify leading practices among alternative learning models, and evaluate the employment outcomes of accelerated learning programs (ALPs) for post-9/11 Veterans.” We also plan to discuss credentialing programs for veterans interested in pursuing careers in tech-related fields.

These issues have come up quite frequently in previous T4A.org TechTables. During our bipartisan table with Senators Tim Kaine and Jeff Flake in Washington D.C., both participants agreed that the high unemployment rate among post-9/11 veterans is a serious problem. One of the ideas that came out of this table was to create programs to credential the technology and leadership skills learned in the military. This solution was also brought up during our TechTable with Labor Secretary Thomas Perez when discussing the best way to translate military skills to those required for jobs in more traditional 9-to-5 workplaces. While we are encouraged by the ideas that have come out of these discussions, we need to keep the conversation going. We are confident that this upcoming TechTable with Rosye Cloud will allow us to keep moving forward in the right direction.

Participants will include experts, advocates, and supporters in the veterans’ military-to-civilian transition space as well as individuals closely involved in education and the edtech spheres. Please check back after the TechTable for a readout of the event.

Sara McKnight
Ph: (626) 485-6958