T4A.org & The Reinventors Network Discuss Reinventing Food


T4A.org & The Reinventors Network Discuss Reinventing Food

San Francisco, CA – October 21, 2014 – Tomorrow T4A.org will host the eighth episode in the “Reinvent America” series with the Reinventors Network.  This discussion will be anchored by entrepreneur and T4A.org Board Member Ali Partovi.  He will be joined by a panel of experts including Michael Pollan, bestselling author & lecturer on food, agriculture, health & the environment, Debra Eschmeyer, Co-founder & VP of External Affairs at FoodCorps, Ricardo Salvador, Director of the Food & Environment Program at Union of Concerned Scientists, Danielle Gould, Founder & CEO of Food + Tech Connect, and David Friedberg, CEO at The Climate Corporation.

The discussion will focus on the intersection of tech and the food movement and will be driven by this question: Can a Silicon Valley mentality bring focus to the food movement and shake up future food and farm policy? As Peter Leyden, moderator for the series and Founder of our partner organization, The Reinventors Network, put it “Anchored by these two leaders from food and tech, this roundtable will explore the potential role of the tech world — not just its new technologies but also its disruptive approaches and burgeoning resources — in a 21st-century food movement to promote a more sustainable and healthful American food system.”  In particular, the panelists will discuss how food production impacts climate change, the potential for the food movement to narrow and focus their agenda, and how all of this influences public health.

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With a wide variety of food and technology experts at the table, it’s clear that this will be a thoughtful and productive conversation.  Please join us for this table on Wednesday, October 22 at 11:00 AM PDT.  For more information on the table and how to RSVP, please visit the series page.

Sara McKnight