OVP Readout: Confidential

Summary of Call
Date: Thursday, June 12
Time: 2:30 PM PDT

Glassdoor / OVP collaboration
First, Allyson Willoughby and Glassdoor have been developing, with OVP and the Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP), a product based on our meeting at the White House in April. The resulting tool is an interactive map which allows job seekers to visualize where jobs are available, and allow them to discern what jobs other than the their previous profession may use their skill set or what skills may be required to move up in their career.

OVP is working on a data jam event (targeting June 25th), where they will bring together states, designers, and UI experts for a brainstorm on new ways to effectively get information to job seekers. Teams will then have 90 days to develop, after which the participants will reconvene and present their products. THINK ABOUT WHO MAY WANT TO CONTRIBUTE. Waiting on OVP for more details, so please do not share with others.

Coding Bootcamps
OVP and OSTP have partnered with three cities – Kansas City, Louisville, and Minneapolis – to pilot bootcamps outside established tech hubs. They will work with donated space and city funding to put people through the program, with a focus on the long-term unemployed, veterans, and the lowest-income job seekers. WE SEEK YOUR HELP IN VALIDATING THESE PROJECTS AND HELPING THE PROGRAMS GROW AND SCALE.


  • Validate the work being done, specifically around the data jams and around these city partnerships.
  • Mentor students: Once these programs are launched, offer to talk with students and encourage them through the process.
  • Look into where internships or employment opportunities may be available in your respective companies down the line.