T4A.org to host Online TechTable on Government Procurement


July 22, 2014

San Francisco, Calif. – On Thursday, July 31, 2014, T4A.org will host its fifth Online TechTable, presented in partnership with Reinventors Network as part of the Reinvent America series.

The TechTable, entitled, “Reinvent Government Procurement,” will focus on the question: “How can we make the way government buys technology compatible with the way good technology is now built – while still ensuring the process is fair and people are accountable?”

“In the private sector, technology development today is largely done in short, iterative bursts,” wrote Peter Leyden, host of the series. “You set goals but you try things, test, and then adjust the plan based on what you learned. It’s an agile process of evolution, of continuous improvement.

He continued, “Government processes tend to build a grand plan from the start and then hold everyone accountable to fulfilling that master plan. You have to know everything in the beginning, including price. Once the process starts it just keeps going like a waterfall with little room to learn and adjust.”

The conversation will be anchored by Jen Pahlka, Founder and Executive Director of Code for America and recent United States Deputy Chief Technology Officer at the White House, and Clay Johnson, CEO of the Department of Better Technology.

The TechTable will stream live on Google Hangouts On Air at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time. You can RSVP using the link below (click “Yes” under “Are you going to watch?”).


About T4A.org

T4A.org is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization, which is creating a network of entrepreneurs committed to redefining the public/private sector relationship. At our TechTables, we bring our Board members together with a “Convening Guest” from the public sector (e.g. member of Congress, U.S. Senator, governor, mayor, thought leader, etc.). It is an educational experience for both sides as the private sector learns about the specific challenges the public sector faces, while the public sector is provided a flow of innovative ideas and solutions from entrepreneurial leaders. Each TechTable ends with a discussion of potential areas of continued partnership and collaboration between our Board and the Convening Guest. We believe that as we develop world-class public/private partnerships, we will help spur creative and collaborative solutions to benefit all Americans.

About Reinventors Network

Reinventors Network is a startup company based in San Francisco with a mission to crack a model for accelerating reinvention that can be scaled up and applied to many different subject areas and geographic regions over time. Read more at Reinventors.net.

About the Reinvent America Series

The Reinvent America series is made up of a dozen virtual roundtables held every few weeks throughout 2014. The topics will span a broad range of issues. There are no shortage of problems we face today and technology and innovative thinking can play a big part in helping solve many of them. Each 90-minute session will be carried out over interactive group video and connect a diverse mix of experts, entrepreneurs, big thinkers and innovators, from wherever they are in the world. One prominent innovator (the anchor) will set the table with an important question which the whole group will then discuss. All of this is streamed to a live audience and afterwards edited into shorter clips that can be watched on the web and shared through social media. At any time the audience can actively engage the material and add their own ideas as part of the reinvention process. Read more at www.t4a.org/techtables/reinvent-america/.


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