Releases to host Online TechTable on Government Procurement

On Thursday, July 31, 2014, will host its fifth Online TechTable, presented in partnership with Reinventors Network as part of the Reinvent America series.

The TechTable, entitled, “Reinvent Government Procurement,” will focus on the question: “How can we make the way government buys technology compatible with the way good technology is now built – while still ensuring the process is fair and people are accountable?”


Vice President Biden highlights three Board members in speech to NGA

Last Friday, Vice President Joe Biden delivered remarks at the National Governors Association Summer Meeting, where all 55 governors and their staffs were in attendance. The Vice President highlighted three Board members and the work they are doing as a direct result of the TechTable held with him in April as part of T4A Goes to Washington.’s T4A Goes to Washington precipitates Glassdoor-Office of the Vice President partnership Convening Board member Allyson Willoughby (GC of Glassdoor), Robert Hohman (CEO of Glassdoor), and members of the Glassdoor executive and data teams recently hit DC for a series of meetings with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the Office of the Vice President (OVP). hosts Online TechTable on “Reinventing veterans’ transition into society” as part of Reinvent America series

Today, a group of seven thinkers from around the country got together for an Online TechTable to discuss the question, “How do we improve the reentry experience of war veterans into the American economy and society?” to host TechTable with Janet Napolitano

Next week, will sit down for our next Offline TechTable with Janet Napolitano, President of the University of California. Napolitano was sworn into her current role in 2013, after serving for four years in the Obama Administration as the Secretary of the Homeland Security.