Michael Pollan has a big idea on how to transform our food system

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Michael Pollan
, the bestselling author on food and agriculture issues, and a leading voice in the food movement, has a big idea about how to transform our food system.

He sees the need for a national food policy – much like we have an economic policy or a foreign policy – that could reorient the goals for our systems of agriculture and food production, and realign the resources of a wide range of departments currently at cross-purposes.

Pollan laid out his nascent idea in this roundtable on Reinventing the Food Movement that was designed to answer the question about whether the Food Movement is too fractured around various issues and could stand to benefit from more focus. Ali Partovi, one of Silicon Valley’s top angel investors, anchored the conversation that brought together entrepreneurs and people from the movement to talk about whether techniques learned in the Valley might help out.

Participants included Ricardo Salvador, Director of the Food and Environment Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists; Debra Eschmeyer, co-founder of FoodCorps and a working organic farmer; David Friedberg, founder and CEO of The Climate Corporation; and Danielle Gould, founder and CEO of Food+Tech Connect.

Almost right from the beginning Pollan offered his nascent food policy idea that not only has the potential to bring focus to the food movement, but also bring focus to the American food system, which is heavily influenced by federal subsidies to agriculture and government regulations.

Much of the roundtable was spent refining and building on Pollan’s idea, as well as challenging whether working through the federal government was the right strategy at this time, given our political gridlock.

This roundtable had all the elements that we strive for at Reinventors. A big question about a problem that no one fully knows how to solve. A nascent idea about how to potentially solve it. A diverse group with different perspectives that helps make the idea better. And a sense at the end that we helped move the ball and have better clarity on what we need to do next.

– via http://reinventors.net/roundtables/reinvent-the-food-movement/