Killer Infographics design brief

[heading]Design brief questions[/heading]
Project Background
  • Project title
  • Tell us a little about your company / product / service.
  • What are you goals with this motion graphic?
  • Do you have a hard deadline?


  • What is the story you are trying to tell? (For example: Is this the story of your company? Are you rebranding yourself? Offering a new product? Showing off curated data?)
  • Is there any content that must make it in the motion graphic?
  • Do you envision a voiceover with this motion graphic?
  • Are you interested in having original music and sound design created for your motion graphic?
  • What emotional response are you trying to elicit with your motion graphic?


  • Please provide links to any motion graphics that showcase the style of artwork or animation you like. Be sure to pay close attention to details such as color, illustration style, typography, animated transitions, etc.
  • Is there anything else that can help us better understand and meet your goals with this project?


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[heading]Our design brief[/heading]

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