Josh Fryday: A reflection on our TechTable with Congressman Seth Moulton

A few weeks ago, we had the honor of hosting a TechTable with Congressman Seth Moulton. A four tour veteran of Iraq with a degree in physics from Harvard, Moulton isn’t your typical freshman member of Congress. We were able to engage him in an impassioned discussion about the VA (he still gets his health care from the VA), and the challenges we continue to face in serving our veterans. However, he most connected with and the members of the tech table around service and commitment to country.

The TechTable, held the day after Memorial Day, ended with Congressman Moulton reciting this quote:

While a bright future beckoned
they freely gave their lives and fondest hopes
for us and our allies
that we might learn from them courage
in peace to spend
our lives making a better world for others

– Inscription on the wall at Harvard University’s Memorial Church

As Moulton, like most in DC, struggles to address the political challenges of the day, he reminded us of the vital role we must play in continuing to both celebrate service, and participate in our democratic process. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to learn from us, and we were grateful to be inspired by him.