’s Hadi Partovi on Changing Education

“Last year co-founder and CEO Hadi Partovi told Forbes that computer science was essentially, “…the next step up from Legos.” Coding involves creative problem solving—the way most multiple-choice tests and typical school curriculums, for that matter, don’t. Partovi co-founded with his brother Ali, to help introduce coding to students and make learning computer science as integral as math, or even the ABC’s. launched An Hour of Code on Indiegogo with hopes of spreading computer education to 100 million students across the globe. It’s a lofty goal, but one within reach: Today Silicon Valley influencers Mark Zuckerberg, John Doerr, and Rich Barton contributed a collective $1.25 million, which—including match contributions by Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and others—bumps the total funds raised to $2,344,904, to date.

We caught up with Partovi, to learn more about his inspiration, An Hour of Code, and how is about to change the world.”

via’s Hadi Partovi on Changing Education.