5 Exciting Thoughts from the FEC TechTable

Ann Revel

Members of the Federal Election Commission, including chairwoman Ann Ravel joined our innovators in a discussion at the TechTable on February 19. The meeting focused on how technology can be implemented in helping the goals of the commission. Here are some interesting ideas from some of the guests at the TechTable:

  1. Players from different XBOX games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield can vote in their local elections and compare which group has the highest participation.
  2. Local competitions between different geographical areas with incentives to improve parks or public spaces.
  3. Social media can be used to encourage political participation among peers within different networks. Suggestions include the Facebook “I Voted!” button or a campaign similar to the ALS Ice bucket putting spotlight on important causes.
  4. Kids that are not eligible to vote yet can get excited with new content inspired by Rock the Vote and Schoolhouse Rock.
  5. Apps such as BuyPartisan allows users to find how much money the company CEO gave to either political party. Other websites that provide information are Sunlight and Open Secrets.


The Federal Election Commission and our Innovators aim to work together and create more transparency in election funding and information. Our guests agreed that technology is a positive force that has the ability to empower individuals in civic engagement and revolutionize politics.