2014 DC TechTable: Reps. Cárdenas, Gabbard, and Mulvaney

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[staff name=”The Honorable Tony Cárdenas, Tulsi Gabbard, & Mick Mulvaney” position=”Members | U.S. House of Representatives” img=”https://www.t4a.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/1979301_524111344365898_8016793588171505846_o.jpg”]Representatives Tony Cárdenas, Mick Mulvaney, and Tulsi Gabbard are all new to the House of Representatives. Rep. Mulvaney is serving his second term, while Reps. Gabbard and Cárdenas are both freshmen in the House. Despite their relatively short time in Congress, they have already grown frustrated with the stagnation in the capital. All three are known for their willingness to reach across the aisle, yet they have difficulty getting their bipartisan legislation past party leadership. Related to this challenge is the concept of money in politics. Particularly with the Supreme Court’s recent decision in McCutcheon v. FEC, money has become a critical component of politics, not just in campaigns but also in legislation as well. The central question of the meeting became: How do we create the political space in Washington to get this work done?

Connect with the Members:

  • Congressman Cárdenas: [v_icon color=”#1bb2e9″ size=”21px” hover=”show-color” name=”moon-twitter” url=”https://twitter.com/RepCardenas” target=”_blank”]
  • Congresswoman Gabbard: [v_icon color=”#1bb2e9″ size=”21px” hover=”show-color” name=”moon-twitter” url=”https://twitter.com/TulsiPress” target=”_blank”]
  • Congressman Mulvaney: [v_icon color=”#1bb2e9″ size=”21px” hover=”show-color” name=”moon-twitter” url=”https://twitter.com/RepMickMulvaney” target=”_blank”]


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[heading]Key Takeaways[/heading]

[v_icon color=”#1B75BB” style=”pull-left” size=”38px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-tags”]Polarization has permeated Washington so deeply that many pieces of bipartisan legislation cannot make it through the House of Representatives. Despite this, Reps. Cárdenas, Mulvaney, and Gabbard all share a fierce goal of working towards change. All three of the Representatives are members of No Labels, an organization dedicated to removing party politics from legislation and focusing on real problem solving. They agree on focusing on the long game and are committed to getting the “big stuff” done, even if they can’t agree on the “small stuff.” All say that their priority has been to find people they can work with, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum, and do as much as they can to create change.

[v_icon color=”#F37320″ style=”pull-left” size=”38px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-coin”]We are all aware that campaign money is crucial for launching a successful bid for a seat. Unfortunately, as the system currently stands, it seems as though this money, particularly party money, often comes with strings attached. T4A.org Convening Board member Jim Greer (Founder, CounterPAC) posed the following questions to the Representatives: What if there was a pool of money out using independent expenditures whose mission is to get stuff done? If you could raise money behind this, could we get more done in Congress? They agreed that this could be a successful platform. There needs to be a focus on issues rather than self-serving politics.

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[heading]Executive Briefing[/heading]

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