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Silicon Valley knows what the future is going to be. America’s mayors must plan for that future now.

The partnership between the National League of Cities and Tech4America creates powerful opportunities for discussion, reflection, and joint action across a range of policy areas, while serving as a dynamic resource for elected officials, policy professionals, and technologists.

NLC-T4A Partnership Elements
Quarterly Tech Advisory Group
Annual Mayors Forum in San Francisco & Silicon Valley
Engagement During NLC National Conferences
Policy Conversations & Roundtables

for more info: cities@t4a.org


In an era when getting things done nationally is ever more difficult, cities are places where innovation and progress still happen. Conceived by Mayor Steve Benjamin of Columbia, SC (the 2018-19 US Conference of Mayors President) and NLC’s CEO Clarence Anthony, Tech4America has created a bridge for cities to learn from the most dynamic leaders in Silicon Valley. Small groups and workshops will explore topics that range from the mundane to those that only science fiction writers could have dreamed up a few years ago.

The Future of Work & Workers
The Future of Transportation & Transit
Energy & Climate
Big Data
Artificial Intelligence
Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
The Internet of Things
Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies


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